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For many Missourians, their ability to work is directly tied to their livelihood. Without a living wage, these individuals are unable to provide housing, food and other necessities for themselves and their families. Therefore, when a working individual is suddenly injured or suffers a serious illness that leaves him or her unable to work, significant financial hardship may be on the horizon.

Yet, there are ways to soften financially troubling times. One way is to seek out Social Security disability benefits. If successful on a claim, a disabled individual may be awarded a monthly check to help cover some of his or her lost wages. Being awarded these benefits is dependent upon many factors, though, including meeting federal requirements.

If you suffer from a disability and need financial relief, then you need to make sure that your claim is strong before presenting it to the Social Security Administration, whether initially or on appeal. At Alan E Dewoskin, PC, our team of dedicated legal professionals helps its clients navigate the oftentimes convoluted system of rules and regulations found in the Social Security disability system. We know what the requirements are for a given injury and illness, and we know how to utilize the facts of our clients’ conditions to illustrate why they meet those requirements and are therefore unable to work.

Many individuals wrongly think that merely showing that they have a disabling condition is enough for them to be awarded SSD benefits. The truth of the matter is that the Social Security Administration must be shown that the condition has left the individual unable to work. This can be a challenging aspect of SSD claims, but our firm has been competently dealing with this and many other SSD issues for years. Those who wish to learn more about how best to approach their claim may want to consult with a legal professional of their choosing.

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