What is required to get disability for organic mental disorders?

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Organic mental disorders are based on the individual having a dysfunction in their brain that results in abnormalities that manifest behaviorally or psychologically. For Missouri residents, having these issues might meet the criteria for qualifying mental conditions in order to receive Social Security disability benefits. With this, there must be laboratory tests or a physical examination and the history to see if there is an organic factor causing the abnormal mental state and inability to function normally. For the person to receive Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions, the categories of A and B must be met, or those in category C must be met.

In category A, it must be demonstrated that there was the loss of cognitive abilities or affective changes with medically documented evidence of one of the following: disorientation of time and place; memory impairment over the short-term, intermediate or long-term; thinking disturbances or perceptual disturbances such as delusions or hallucinations, a change in personality a mood disturbance, emotional changes such as temper outbursts; or the loss of a minimum of 15 I.Q. points from what they were before. For category B, it must result in two of the following: a marked restriction of daily activities of daily living; marked difficulty in the ability to maintain social functioning; marked difficulty in maintaining concentration, persistence or pace; or repeated episodes of decompensating that last for an extended period.

In category C, there must be a chronic mental disorder that is mentally documented and lasted for a minimum of two years causing more than a minimal limiting of the ability to perform basic work with the following symptoms: repeated episodes of decompensating that last for an extended period; a change in the environment leads to decompensation after a minimal increase in mental demands; or a current history of one or more years where the person cannot function when not in a highly supportive living atmosphere with the need for it to be ongoing.

Those who are suffering from mental illness and are having problems functioning in society with the inability to work might be able to receive Social Security disability benefits. The above criteria can be difficult to understand and process, particularly for someone who is having these organic mental problems. This is why it is important to have legal assistance from an attorney who is experienced in Social Security disability claims. This will ensure that the rights and interests of an individual and considered, met and protected.

Source: ssa.gov, “12.00 Mental Disorders — Adult — 12.02 Organic mental disorders,” accessed on Dec. 18, 2016

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