4 common Social Security Disability application mistakes

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The Social Security disability application process is complex. The approval rate is only 30 percent in Missouri. Most people feel discouraged by this rate and think that their application will never get approved. Do not give up because there are a few typical mistakes that most people make in their first application. Avoid these common mishaps during the application process.

1. Forget your evidence

It might sound like you are preparing for a court case, but you will need to prove your claim. Do not forget to find all the evidence you can to back up your application. You want to prove that your disability is valid so get together any doctor notes, test results, prescriptions and treatment plans. If you have any documentation about how your condition has progressed or how symptoms affect you then include that as well.

2. Leave out the details

Most people fill out disability application forms just like any other necessary form. They include only the most important information to speed up the process. This is a bad idea because if you forget any details or make a mistake then it is grounds for an application denial. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Give examples about how your disability affects daily life.

3. Forget to add employers

Medical records might seem like the biggest part of your application process, but many people do not know that correct employment history is just as important. Many claims are actually granted through medical vocational allowances. This means that the state will need all the important information about your former jobs to decide if you can or cannot return to work.

4. Skip the attorney

Many people do not want to spend their limited money on attorney fees. It is better to get the help of an attorney for the claim process because you will have a better chance of acceptance. Some attorneys spend their entire career aiding people with disability benefits and therefore are pros at the process. They will make sure you have all the details and documents that you need.

The Social Security disability application process can be long and confusing. It is easy to make small mistakes which will ruin your claim. Avoid these four mishaps to better your chance at application acceptance.

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