Can disability benefits help those with anxiety attacks or OCD?

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As social attitudes change, people with mental illness are more willing to ask for help. However, many people who suffer from social anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder are not aware that they can file for Social Security Disability benefits.

People who have anxiety attacks related to fear, apprehension and worry or avoid specific feelings, thoughts, activities, people or locations might have an anxiety or OCD. Symptoms include feeling restless, not being able to concentrate, experiencing muscle tension, having problems sleeping, feeling fatigued, worrying about safety and having physical complaints. Those who panic disorders, social anxiety, OCD and more are evaluated in this context.

The Social Security Administration requires certain evidence from those filing for disability benefits related to mental illness and these specific disorders. For anxiety disorders, there must be three of the following: becoming easily fatigued, restlessness, trouble concentrating, being irritable, muscle tension or sleep disturbances.

Those with panic disorders or agoraphobia must show evidence of one or both of the following: panic attacks accompanied by worry and concern of them happening again with the accompanying consequences or a fear or anxiety that is disproportionate when facing a minimum of two situations such as being in crowds, waiting in line, leaving one’s home and taking public transport. With OCD, there must be one or both of: a being preoccupied with time-consuming unwanted thoughts on an involuntary basis or taking part in repetitive activities that are designed to lower anxiety. The SSA has other requirements as well. Ask a Social Security Disability lawyer for details.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Those who have these symptoms and believe they might be able to receive disability benefits for mental conditions need to understand the process and requirements. Attorneys who are experienced with Social Security Disability claims can help people suffering from mental illnesses to claim their necessary benefits.

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