Many accused of fraud facing loss of SSD benefits

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For many Americans, including Missourians, Social Security disability benefits are a financial lifeline when a medical condition renders working impossible. This income, which can cover a portion of one’s lost wages and medical expenses, must be successfully claimed, which in itself can be a challenge. Many disabled individuals, about 75 percent, have their initial claim denied. Yet, even once benefits are awarded, it can be a fight to keep the payments coming, as hundreds of individuals are now finding out.

The Social Security Administration ceased SSD benefits to hundreds of families, claiming that their benefits were fraudulently obtained. According to the SSA, an attorney had paid judges and doctors to grant SSD claims with inaccurate medical evidence. Now, these families are struggling to make ends meet and find a way to prove their disabilities, some of which were suffered many years ago.

Those who have to prove their disability years after the fact can be hard, especially when a disabled individual has seen numerous doctors and received a number of tests. However, whether an individual has been accused of fraud or is up for re-evaluation, gathering this evidence is critical to retaining benefits. Those who are unable to gather and effectively present this evidence may lose their benefits, just like the individuals discussed above.

Families that have come to rely on SSD benefits need to do everything they can to protect their financial interests. This is why choosing an experienced, competent and reliable legal team to help can be the key to success. Before choosing whether to seek legal assistance, though, these families need to conduct due diligence and ensure that they are picking an advocate who will put their interests first and aggressively fight for their financial interests.

Source: The Detroit News, “Hundreds face loss of disability checks,” Claire Galofaro, Jan. 3, 2017

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