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Obtaining Social Security disability benefits can be a challenge from the start. The Social Security Administration may be looking for weaknesses in your case that justify a denial, thereby leaving you without the compensation you need to get by while you cope with your disability. However, even if you succeed on your initial claim, the battle to retain your SSD benefits may have just begun.

As we discussed in last week’s post, the Social Security Administration may conduct a periodic review of your case to determine if you are still disabled and thus still qualify for benefits. If it is determined that you are no longer disabled or are able to obtain gainful employment, then your benefits may be reduced or stopped altogether. With so much at stake, those facing a SSD periodic review need to be prepared with strong evidence of their disability. The same holds true if seeking to appeal a modification or cessation of benefits.

At Alan E Dewosin PC, our team of dedicated professionals know what the SSA is looking for during periodic reviews. Therefore, we are able to help our clients gather evidence and testimony geared at addressing their cases’ weaknesses. This is no small feat, as the federal requirements to qualify for SSD benefits can be strict with very little room to maneuver.

However, the outcomes of SSD adjudications and claim reviews is highly fact specific. We thus urge those who have been disabled to discuss the matter with a competent attorney who knows the law and how to successfully apply it to a variety of circumstances. At our firm, we give every case the attention it deserves and do our best to maximize our clients’ chances of success. Although we can’t guarantee a particular outcome for our clients, we take tremendous pride in our record of successfully helping Missourians obtain and retain the disability benefits they need.

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