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Obtaining Social Security disability benefits can be a major concern for disabled individuals who are unable to work and earn a living wage. Yet, even once these benefits are obtained, a disabled individual may not be done with the SSD claim process. As was discussed last week on the blog, your claim will be periodically reviewed by the Social Security Administration to determine if you still meet their definition of “disabled.”

When going up for reevaluation, you need to ensure you are prepared to demonstrate your disability, supported by strong medical and employment evidence. If you fail to do so, then you may wind up with your benefits being reduced or halted altogether. Therefore, if you want to keep yourself from suddenly being thrown into financial disarray, then you need to do everything you can to protect your claim and your benefits. Many Missourians find that obtaining legal assistance is quite beneficial in this process.

At Alan E Dewoskin PC, we know what is at stake when your claim is being reevaluated. With our years of experience, we also know what the SSA needs to see in order to find that you are still disabled. Our team of skilled legal professionals then gathers evidence to address those factors as fully as possible under the circumstances.

Although the SSD claims process may seem simple enough on its face, it can actually be quite complex. Benefits are often denied on initial claim and reevaluation, and when this happens, individuals need to be prepared to appeal the decision. Having a strong, competent, and experienced legal advocate on your side can be priceless, as he or she may be able to help you successfully navigate the system, allowing you to obtain and retain the benefits you need to find some measure of financial stability.

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