Can I get SSD benefits for a skin disorder?

Skin conditions can reach a level where they are affecting a person’s ability to function normally and hold a job. Fortunately, it is possible to receive Social Security Disability for skin disorders. Regardless of the illness the person suffers from, a skin disorder can warrant Social Security Disability benefits for illness provided it meets certain criteria. The Social Security Administration will assess the severity of the disorder and then decide.

The severity of a skin disorder is generally based on skin lesions and their extent, how often they flare up, what the symptoms are, how they limit the person, what treatment is given and how the treatment affects the person. If the skin lesions are extensive, it means that they will be located on multiple areas of the body or a critical area of the body and cause severe limitation. Examples include lesions impeding joint movement, lesions on the palms of both hands and lesions on the soles of both feet or other areas that stop a person from effective ambulation.

The SSA will want to know how often these issues arise. A person might have skin lesions that do not meet the requirements on the listing of impairments, but they might still result in the person being impaired from being able to perform gainful activity. If there are extensive skin lesions, the person might be sufficiently impeded from work to be able to receive SSD benefits as the lesions will equal a listing. The frequency and severity of the flare-ups, how soon they will resolve, and how the person is able to function between these flare-ups will be factored in. If the person is not able to perform gainful activity for a minimum of 12 months or will not be expected to perform gainful activity for 12 months can receive benefits.

Symptoms and the pain the person feels will be weighed when deciding on the case. The treatment will also be essential. Those suffering from debilitating skin problems can be deemed disabled and receive SSD benefits. For people with skin disorders, knowing what evidence must be shown to the SSA to receive Social Security Disability benefits could mean the difference between an approval and denial.

Source: Social Security Administration, “8.00 Skin Disorders — Adult — C. How do we assess the severity of your skin disorder(s)?” accessed on April 18, 2017

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