Legal help after a denial of SSD benefits for a mental disorder

It is never easy to be suffering from a medical issue that makes it impossible for a St. Louis resident to work. Social Security disability is in place to help those who are experiencing an injury, illness or condition and when that claim is denied, it can be a blow. It is important to remember that there are certain rules to receiving benefits. With Social Security disability, one of the more difficult issues for which to receive benefits is if there is a mental condition. With an illness such as cancer, the medical reports will generally prove that it exists. With many injuries, it will be there for all to see. For qualifying mental conditions, however, the diagnosis can be more nuanced. This might lead to the case being denied by the Social Security Administration. Knowing what to do if this happens is key to perhaps getting the decision reversed on appeal and receiving Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions.

Since dealing with the SSA can be so complex, it can be hard to get the necessary benefits. In many instances, particularly with a mental condition, the case might be denied for a variety of reasons that have little to do with the SSA and its representatives actually delving deeply into it. This happens even if a person is clearly disabled. Without medical care and income that comes from disability benefits, it is all-but impossible for the person to get the necessary treatment and survive. There are options for those who have had their claim denied.

To appeal, it is essential to provide the SSA with evidence to show that the initial decision was wrong. Showing medical documents to prove that the mental disorder or emotional illness is in place, requesting reconsideration, seeking a review from the appeals council, having a hearing before an administrative law judge – all are aspects of a case that the applicant needs to be aware of. Many who are under the impression that an initial denial means the case is over are pleasantly surprised at the alternatives they have open to them to appeal.

Having a mental disorder is difficult enough without having to fear a Social Security disability claim being denied when there is a strong basis for an approval. Discussing a case with an attorney who is experienced in helping clients with their Social Security disability benefits can help at any juncture of a case and assist in an appeal.

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