Does my skin disorder qualify me for SSD benefits?

For people in Missouri who are suffering from a skin disorder, it is possible to be approved for Social Security disability benefits for illness. To do so, however, it is crucial to understand how the Social Security Administration will assess the severity of the disorder. In general, the SSA will base its assessment on the skin lesions, how often they flare up, the symptoms and their accompanying limitations, the treatment and how the treatment affects the applicant.

With skin lesions, “extensive” will be considered those that are located on multiple sites on the body or in critical areas and lead to severe limitations. Examples could be those that negatively affect joint motion and limit the use of multiple extremities. They could be on the palms of the hands and inhibit gross motor movements. They might be on the soles of the feet or other areas making it difficult for the person to move effectively.

The flare-ups and their frequency is also important. For skin lesions that do not meet the requirements to be approved, the person might still be determined as being impaired if the flare-ups lead to extensive skin lesions. The flare-ups could be deemed equal to a listing even if there are periods of remission. The frequency of the flare-ups, how rapidly they resolve and the functionality in between these periods are all important. If the person cannot do any gainful activity for a minimum of 12 continuous months or is not expected to for 12 continuous months, it could be the basis for an approval.

Symptoms are important. If there is pain with the skin disorder, this will be assessed. The treatments that are given for the skin disorder are also considered. There might be surgical procedures, medication, therapy and more. The duration and severity of the impairment, how it responds to the treatment and the aftereffects will be accounted for. The applicant must provide the treatment protocol, how he or she responds, if there were adverse effects and how long the treatment was given for.

Those who have skin disorders should be aware that being approved for SSD benefits is possible if they meet the criteria. Filing Social Security disability claims for skin disorders requires all the above information to have a chance of being approved. Speaking to an attorney who is experienced with SSD benefits is vital to a successful case.

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