Can I get SSD benefits for obesity?

Missourians who have a weight issue that places them in the category of being declared obese will have obvious hindrances when working or trying to work. Some who do not know they might meet the criteria to be considered obese are similarly unaware that they can get Social Security disability benefits for it. Understanding various facts about obesity and how it is assessed by the Social Security Administration is imperative for people who are afflicted with the condition are seeking disability benefits.

People who are obese are at high risk for numerous medical issues including diabetes mellitus, gall bladder disease, hypertension, heart disease, cancers and more. It can also lead to the person having mental issues such as depression. When an applicant seeks disability benefits because of obesity, the SSA will determine if they have a medically determinable impairment, if the impairment is severe, if it meets or equals an impairment on the listings, and if it stops the person from doing relevant work he or she did in the past or other work in which there are significant available jobs.

The SSA will rely on the examining physician’s judgment as to whether the person is considered obese. Height, weight, appearance and build are all factors. A diagnosis of obesity will be accepted if a treating source or consultative examiner provides it. If there are questions about the diagnosis, the physician will be contacted to clarify the diagnosis. The person’s weight over time will be considered. Minor weight loss achieved in the short term will not be factored in. If the obesity is determined to be severe, the SSA can find that it equals a listing and decide that he or she is disabled.

Those who are experiencing weight issues that result in a diagnosis of obesity can get SSD benefits. Having legal help with all the various issues that accompany applying and getting an approval is essential. Discussing the case with a legal professional who has experience in helping a wide array of clients with their Social Security disability claims is an important first step in the process.

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