Divorce can come about for a variety of reasons

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When a Missouri couple marries, the obvious goal is for the union to work for the long term and that they will remain together. In some cases, however, divorce is often inevitable. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 22 percent of couples will have marital issues within the initial five years. This is referred to as “marital disruption” and references the couple separating, divorcing or one of the spouses dying. When a couple has been married for 20 years, that rises to 53 percent. There are several reasons why this is often the case.

Some marriages come undone because of unfaithfulness. One of the most frequently referenced reasons for a divorce is if one of the spouses is unfaithful. In today’s world, infidelity can fall short of a physical relationship and cause a dispute. With the various ways people can communicate through social media, it can lead to intimate chatting and later escalate to the physical. Financial factors are a known and longstanding reason for divorce issues. Emotional stress can result from overindulgence, job loss and other financial matters.

Some people have issues such as substance abuse, alcohol use, sexual addiction and more. When a person is addicted, the relationship can recede to the background and add to the conventional disagreements that occur in any marriage. Some people are not willing to have treatment. The spouse of the person who is addicted might not want to stay. Unusual situations can damage a marriage. If there is a tragedy, some couples cannot get past it to maintain their marriage. If, for example, a child dies, the couple could take it out on one another, damaging and eventually ending the marriage.

Certain couples do not realize until they are living together that they simply do not get along. There could be different interests, priorities, desires, religious observances, the location where the spouses want to live might not coincide and more. In some marriages, the couple cannot come to an agreement to get beyond their problems. With irreconcilable differences, they are unable to work through the disagreements and meet on common ground.

Regardless of the reason the marriage is failing, there are so many different concerns when a couple is ending a marriage that they cannot keep track of them all by themselves. Having legal assistance is imperative to avoid mistakes.

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