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Military members and their spouses in Missouri will have a firm grasp on the transient nature of a life spent in the Armed Forces. People can be transferred at a moment’s notice and be sent to distant lands.

Given the nature of the military life, divorce issues for service members and their spouses can be more complicated than those for civilians. This is made more difficult when there are children involved. This goes beyond child custody and enters relocation. Knowing how this is handled by the courts and having legal help to get through it is imperative.

If there is a military divorce and children are involved, it is up to the state family court to decide on child custody. Barring extenuating circumstances, the courts will try to give both parents regular time with the child. However, if one parent must move away, it is necessary to alter the agreement. Relocation is part of the military life and it can raise the difficulty of both parents having access to the child. For parents who are concerned about this custody issue, the emotional stress can be overwhelming. The main goal is that the agreement be fair to everyone.

When there is a planned relocation due to military commitments, remarriage, a new job or for some other reason, the custody arrangements will need to be adjusted for the best interests of the child and so the parents can have reasonable visitation time. Many factors will come into play. These include the guidelines in the state, how to request that there be a modification to the child custody order, coming to an agreement on visitation, and more.

The military is different from civilian life and having legal assistance when in the middle of a child custody dispute or handling relocation requires experienced attorneys. Contacting a law firm that specializes in military divorce, child custody and relocation is vital to a case whether it is from the perspective of a military member or a military spouse.

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