What evidence is needed for SSD benefits due to cancer?

Missourians in every family across the state will inevitably have a story about how they have been affected by cancer. It could have afflicted a loved one, a friend or they might have had the disease themselves.

Because certain types of cancer can take such a toll on the body, it might be difficult, if not impossible, for someone who has been diagnosed with certain forms of the disease to work. They might need help making ends meet. This is when they should consider filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for illness. When doing so, however, one of the key factors to getting approved for disability based on cancer is the evidence the Social Security Administration (SSA) needs before coming to a decision.

In general, the SSA requires medical evidence that will give specific information on the cancer, its type, where it is located and whether it is recurrent or a metastatic lesion. If it is not possible to find the primary site of the cancer, evidence that documents the site of the metastasis will be used to come to an evaluation. When there is an operation because of the cancer — including aspirating it with a needle or a biopsy — the SSA needs an operative note and the pathology report.

In the event the SSA is unable to secure this information, a summary of the hospitalization the person needed or other medical information can be used. The findings of the surgery should be included, as well as the pathological assessment. It might be necessary to give evidence regarding recurrence, the persistence, how the cancer’s progression with how the person is responding to therapy and if there are residual effects.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a life-changing event and those who have it might be able to get SSD benefits. Understanding what evidence is needed when applying is a foundational factor toward being approved. A lawyer who is experienced in Social Security Disability claims and evidence necessary for cancer can be helpful when applying for benefits.

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