Your rights to certain types of compensation as an injured worker

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Missouri workers who suffer injuries on the job may know of their entitlement to certain types of benefits through a workers’ compensation claim, but there may be things about this type of insurance coverage you may not know. If you receive an injury, you would be wise to know more about this process before you move forward with your claim. 

You have the right to protect your interests after an accident in the workplace. You may have a valid claim to workers’ compensation benefits, but you may still find it beneficial to have a full understanding of what workers’ compensation is, what it means for you and how you can maximize your claim.

Protection for injured workers

The intent of workers’ compensation benefits is to provide protection and support for individuals who suffer injuries on the job or become ill because of their job duties. Whether you are currently dealing with an injury or you simply want to know more about this process in case of an injury in the future, it can be helpful to understand the following: 

  • Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, and by filing a claim, you are relinquishing your right to sue your employer for injuries suffered at work.
  • In some cases, a worker may file a third-party civil claim in addition to filing a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Workers’ compensation benefits may be available if your job exacerbated injuries you already had or you became ill due to toxic exposure at work. 

Some people may find the claims process to be complex and confusing. If you believe you need to file a claim after a work accident, you might benefit from having experienced guidance from the very beginning. With help, you can fight to maximize your claim and pursue the full amount of compensation you need for your full recovery. 

What should you do after an accident?

After an accident at work, there is likely a procedure that your employer has outlined regarding reporting the incident. At this point, you may seek the services of a legal representative who can help you get the medical care you need and prepare your claim. 

The purpose of workers’ compensation benefits is to protect injured workers, but it is often complex to secure the right amount of compensation, complete paperwork and take other steps necessary to get better and get back to work. You do not have to walk through one step of this process alone.

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