Communication impairments and Social Security Disability

Missourians who have suffered a brain injury or neurological disorder will often have problems communicating. That inability can have a profound effect on their ability or inability to work and can warrant Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Understanding how the Social Security Administration (SSA) evaluates communication impairments is key when it is decided whether the issue meets the criteria for qualifying SSD benefits for an injury.

The SSA will need a description of an evaluation of the communication ability of the person. It must be from a medical source that the SSA deems acceptable and should document the impairment linked to the neurological issue. There might be a communication impairment when there is a dysfunction in the part of the brain that covers language and speech. The impairments will stem from a vascular insult to the brain, cerebral palsy and unintelligible speech post-polio.

With vascular insult to the brain, there must be evidence that the damage led to ineffective speech or communication. With that, there must be an extreme limitation in understanding or conveying a message via simple spoken language and the person cannot express basic needs without assistance. For cerebral palsy, there must be a significant interference in hearing, speaking or seeing. If the person shows aphasia, abnormal eye alignment or auditory issues resulting in hearing loss, it will limit the communication skills. With post-polio, there must be evidence that the person cannot produce understandable speech.

An inability to communicate for the above reasons will make it exceedingly difficult for a person to hold a job. They will need medical care and assistance to function each day. SSD benefits can be a great help toward that end. A law firm experienced in assisting those who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits should be contacted to take the necessary steps to be approved.

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