What are key points about child custody in a military divorce?

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Child custody is a contentious and difficult issue for many Missouri couples who have ended their relationship and parted ways. For those who have one or both former spouses serving in the military, it makes the situation more complicated. To navigate these issues and ensure that the parents get the amount of time they are entitled to with the child and that the child is properly cared for in a stable environment, it is important to understand various points about the entire process.

There are similarities between a civilian divorce and a military divorce and everything that goes along with it. Some are amicable while others are contentious. Even those that have lingering issues between the parents might be able to put their differences aside and come to reasonable agreements for the sake of the child. However, given the nature of the military commitment, many parents are not certain where they will be from one day to the next. With deployments and other factors, this must be assessed in the context of child custody. For example, relocations are a background issue in many civilian divorces. For military parents, having terminology in the agreement to account for the likelihood of relocation is wise.

Courts will frequently alter the schedule and give military parents an opportunity to take part in the process if they are in the middle of a deployment or, due to their service requirements, are unable to attend various hearings in person. The family care plan can be an important part of parenting in the military, especially after a deployment. This is used when there is a single parent serving or both parents are serving. There will be a short-term caretaker, a long-term caretaker and care provision details should the parent who has custody of the child at the time need to deploy or leave due to their service responsibilities.

Military life can be difficult on its own without a child custody dispute making it harder. Unfortunately, some marriages do not work out and a divorce is better for everyone. If it is a military divorce, having a grasp of the issues and laws that govern child custody is critical for the parents, any caretakers who might need to be involved and the child. A law firm that is experienced in military divorce and the issues related to it can help.

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