Plan would seek Social Security Disability fraud via social media

When a Missourian has an injury, illness or condition that prevents them from being able to work, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are a solution to the unavoidable litany of problems that accompany this. Medical costs, the need for help in making ends meet – there are some of the challenges that a person who needs SSD will face. Legal help with a case is imperative regardless of the circumstances, especially when a person is legitimately disabled and might face a denied claim due to allegations of fraud.

It is unfortunate that some people who are not sufficiently injured or ill will seek SSD benefits and commit fraud, but it does happen. For those who are seeking or receiving benefits and meet all the federal requirements, a denied claim because of allegations of fraud is a legitimate concern especially when the government is considering using a person’s social medial to look for evidence of wrongdoing. This can be problematic because social media feeds can be the foundation for misunderstanding. The goal is to surveil peoples’ social media to determine if they are exaggerating their disability or are not disabled at all.

Moving forward with such a plan puts people at risk of losing their benefits or being subjected to a denied claim because of a photo or video that rarely tells the entire story. For those who have been approved for mental issues, it is impossible to gauge a person’s ability to work and whether they warrant disability benefits via a social media post or image. An image of a person taking part in physical activity that should be impossible with their stated medical condition could be from the past and not relevant in the current case.

Being denied SSD benefits or seeing the benefits stop because of allegations that the person committed fraud or is no longer disabled can be a traumatic time for the person and his or her family. When there is a review of the disability or the person’s condition is called into question for any reason, it is essential to have legal assistance. A law firm that helps clients with their Social Security Disability claims should be contacted for help in getting, retaining or appealing a denied claim for benefits.

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