What are the Symptoms and Complications of Schizophrenia?

In the past, people in Missouri and across the nation who were suffering from mental illness were either completely unaware that they had a diagnosable and treatable problem or kept it hidden due to the stigma attached to it. However, as time has passed and society has grown more accustomed to the issue with a greater willingness to discuss it, there an increased acceptance and freedom to admit the problem and take steps to treat it.

One type of mental disorder that can cause many problems is schizophrenia. For some, it gets so severe that they cannot work. Understanding when it is the problem and filing for disability benefits first requires a diagnosis and knowing the complications. Having legal assistance from a law firm that helps those with mental illness get Social Security disability is an integral part of a successful case.

Symptoms of schizophrenia include delusions, hallucinations, disorganization in thinking and speech, disorganization or abnormal motor behavior, and negativity. Those who are schizophrenic will often believe things that are not real, see and hear things that do not exist, have issues with communicating clearly, be agitated and unpredictable, and show an inability to function normally with a lack of appropriate behavior.

Many of the complications people suffer from because of schizophrenia make it nearly impossible for them to hold a regular job. They can be suicidal, prone to self-injuring, have obsessive-compulsive disorder or anxiety disorder, be depressed, abuse drugs and alcohol, be isolated, feel like a victim and more. To be approved for SSD benefits because of schizophrenia, it is first important to receive an accurate diagnosis from a qualified medical professional. Then it is crucial to know the requirements to be approved for SSD benefits. A legal professional who is experienced in helping people with the entire process to get Social Security disability benefits is imperative to getting an approval. Calling is the first step.

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