Veteran’s issues include research on PTSD sexual assault claims

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Missourians know that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be experienced by any person involved in a catastrophic incident. Flashbacks of the incident may occur even a few months after the occurrence of the violent event. An accident, assault and warfare are some reasons for experiencing PTSD. A military veteran is also at risk for PTSD due to the nature of employment or other life events. A blog post on our website discusses veterans’ issues related to filing PTSD sexual assault claims.

According to records, almost 16,000 disability claims relating to PTSD due to sexual trauma were filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in a recent four-year period. However, these claims had a lower approval rating by the Veterans Affairs when compared to other claims. A research group, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, studied the data related to filed disability claims and analysis showed that PTSD claims related to sexual violence had an approval rate of 17 to 30 percent lower than other claims.

Researchers suggested a few changes that could be accommodated by the VA, which included that Veteran Affairs could change evidentiary standards to be the same as combat-related claims. This action alone would make evidentiary standards easier to meet.

Veterans filing for Social Security benefits have to provide proof of the nature of illness or disability which afflicts the applicant. Nonetheless, it is likely that a military veteran is not aware of the legal requirements or does not know how to gather the information or evidence needed for a claim. Our website provides information to any person seeking to avail Social Security Disability Benefits. This information may help those contemplating making a claim understand the process to be followed for filing an SSD claim and may also provide helpful advice on how to prepare a claim.

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