The importance of preparing a persuasive case for SSD benefits

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Social Security disability benefits can be extremely important for a Missouri family. In an attempt to avoid denial of a claim, those suffering from disabling medical conditions or injuries should ensure they are doing everything they can to bolster their claim before moving forward.

One of the first steps in doing this is knowing the requirements that must be met before SSD benefits will be awarded. This includes your work history, the extent of your medical condition or injury, and your ability to work. You need to be able to back up your claim with persuasive evidence, which will usually include medical and employment records. Additionally, you need to understand the legal standards that will be applied to your claim.

At Alan E Dewoskin, P.C. we do everything in our power to eliminate any excuse the Social Security Administration may have for denying our clients’ SSD claims. We carefully analyze the SSA’s regulations and how they apply to our clients’ injuries and illnesses, and we help our clients gather the documentation they need to put forth as strong a claim as possible under the circumstances.

Even when individuals believe their initial claim is fully prepared, they may be denied benefits. At our firm, that is not the end of the road. Our skilled legal team knows how to pursue an appeal of a denied claim, which could result in much-needed compensation for our clients. In the highly complex world of federal regulations and laws, it may be detrimental to proceed without the advice of a legal professional.

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