Unique factors can complicate where a military divorce is filed

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Serving in the armed forces is a noble pursuit that not all individuals are prepared to undertake. It requires a special type of man or woman to commit to the rigors of military life and as some St. Louis residents may be aware it can be challenging to carry on a civilian life contemporaneously with a military carrier.

While all couples endure great challenges throughout their marriages, military couples often carry incredible burdens that exceed those of others. They are often separated by physical distances. Depending upon the responsibilities of the military service member the spouses may not be able to speak about their jobs and responsibilities outside of their homes.

As such, not all military marriages end happily. Divorce can afflict even those who have the fortitude to serve their country and fellow citizens, and when it happens it can present difficulties that do not appear when civilian couples choose to end their relationships. In particular it can be hard for an individual to know where to file divorce paperwork when married to a military partner.

Though all legal cases are different, a person generally has some choice about where to file for a military divorce. The individual may be able to file in the state where he or she lives, or the individual may be able to file in the state where the military service member is stationed. A third option may be to file in the state where the military service member permanently resides if that is different from where the spouse lives.

Knowing how and where to file for a military divorce is only one of the many issues that can present hurdles for a person who wishes to end a marriage. Other important divorce-related issues like child custody and support, alimony, and property division can be impacted when one of the partners is in active service. To learn more about military divorces, readers with specific questions are encouraged to speak with their personal lawyers.

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