Can you appeal a denial for SSD benefits?

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Having a disability can often make many tasks in life challenging. You may have a disability that makes it impossible for you to carry out necessary duties to hold down a steady job. As a result, you may face financial hardships. Of course, benefits programs exist that could help individuals in your type of situation gain monetary assistance.

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for much-needed assistance. Though you may feel Social Security Disability benefits could provide the help you need, Disability Determination Services could deny your request. Luckily, you could take steps to appeal the denial of your application.

Denied disability

In Missouri, over half of claims for disability face initial denial. Though this figure may seem daunting, you may take some comfort in knowing that other individuals have faced similar circumstances as you if the Disability Determination Services also denies your request. This means that many individuals feel the need to appeal the decision.

If you believe that your disability should qualify you for benefits, you may want to look into your appeals options.

Disability hearing

In order to take further steps to potentially qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you may wish to request a disability hearing. This process involves going before an administrative law judge and presenting your case. Many individuals who go through the hearing process gain approval for their disability claims.

Reconsideration appeal

As you determine your courses of action, you may come across the reconsideration appeal. If available, a reconsideration appeal could come before going to a hearing. With this action, you send your initial request back to the Disability Determination Services which denied your claim in order for the services to review it again. Though the rules and guidelines for approval remain the same, a different examiner may review your claim and consider you qualified.

However, Missouri has currently suspended this type of appeal. Though many individuals expect this type of review to come back, you may wish to determine whether you have access to this option before attempting to use it or other appeals options.

Legal assistance

Because going to a hearing will likely end up as your next course of action for appealing a benefits denial, you may wish to consider consulting with an experienced attorney. This type of legal professional could provide you with valuable information on how to prove your need for benefits as well as help you better understand your appeals options.

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