Rule change might affect Social Security disability applicants

Missouri residents who are suffering from an illness, condition or injury that they believe warrants receiving disability benefits through Social Security must follow the federal regulations to be approved. Understanding these rules is often a key and failing to adhere to them or meeting the requirements might result in a denial. Bearing in mind any rules changes that come about when seeking Social Security disability benefits is also important. This is why it is imperative to have legal advice when applying for SSD benefits.

The Social Security Administration has put new rules into effect that eliminate what was known as the “treating-physician rule.” Prior to this change, those who decided on whether a claimant had proven that he or she was disabled were able to rely heavily on a report provided by the physician. That is no longer the case. Those who are against this rule change believe that it will make it more difficult for people to prove they are disabled.

Basically, the SSA states that the rules are in place to reflect changes to healthcare for the modern times. In addition, judgments from other agencies like the Department of Veteran’s Affairs will not be used to boost the case to the SSA. The SSA says that the number of people who are receiving benefits has reduced for the first time in three decades. The number of people who have their claims approved has also lowered. Right now, there are approximately 8.8 million people who are getting SSD benefits. That is the lowest number in five years.

This rule change is just one example of how federal regulations can be confusing to those who are seeking disability benefits from the SSA. The rules can be complex and when there are changes, it is even more difficult for a person who is already dealing with the worry from being unable to work and needing SSD. Speaking to an attorney who knows the details of a disability claim can help to navigate this system, file the application and accrue the necessary evidence to give the claimant a chance at being approved.

Source:, “New rules go into effect for Social Security disability claims,” Nick McGill, March 27, 2017

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