Can burn injury victims seek Social Security disability benefits?

Missourians who suffer burn injuries can face major physical, emotional and financial problems as a result. With scarring, the need for medical treatment including surgeries, an extended stay in the hospital and problems returning to work, obtaining Social Security disability benefits can be a lifesaver. However, people are frequently unaware of how the Social Security Administration goes about assessing cases of those who suffered burns. This is a key factor when being approved or denied for SSD benefits for injury with burns.

The SSA evaluates burns based on how the victim is affected. These burns can come about after an electrical accident, in chemical exposure or in a thermal incident. The burns might hinder other systems in the person’s body. That can include their mental functioning, neurology, renal (kidneys), cardiovascular, respiratory, speech and special senses. With that, the SSA will conduct its evaluation in the same way it evaluates other disorders that affect the skin and bodily systems.

The SSA uses the Listing of Impairments based on how the burns are affecting the person. If it is a soft tissue injury, it will be assessed under one listing. This hinges on the extremity that was affected or if it was a head injury, a facial injury and it needs surgical procedures to manage it. If it has resulted in skin lesions, it will be assessed under another listing, its flare ups, the frequency of them, what treatment is provided and how well the person responds to that treatment. If there are extensive skin lesions due to burns and they have lasted for or are expected to last for a minimum of 12 months, then it is possible to pursue SSD benefits for injury.

Those who have suffered burns might not be able to work and will need help to pay for their medical expenses, as well as their living expenses. SSD benefits can be useful toward that end. Therefore, if a person has suffered a burn injury, they may want to learn more about the Social Security disability benefits process, so they can make informed decisions when it comes to filing a claim for benefits.

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