What is a notice of hearing for Social Security disability?

For Missourians who are seeking Social Security disability benefits for injury or illness, some of the basic facts about the claim can be confusing or misleading. It is difficult enough to be dealing with these medical issues that lead to an inability to work and more. This is where SSD benefits come in. However, it is imperative to know about the fundamental requirements for the claim such as the notice of hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). A lawyer can help with this and any other SSD-related matter.

A claimant for SSD benefits will receive notification as to where the ALJ hearing will take place a minimum of 75 days prior to the date at which it will be held. Generally, the hearing will be held in the same location where the claimant resides. However, the person might need to travel as many as 75 miles and not get reimbursed for travel costs. If it is necessary to travel beyond 75 miles, there can be travel reimbursement. The ALJ can decide to have the hearing via video or in person. Travel expenses will be paid to the applicant and witnesses if they need to travel more than 75 miles. A representative can also receive payment for needing to travel. There is a maximum amount as to how much can be paid.

The ALJ has the right to issue subpoenas and require witnesses to testify and produce evidence that is relevant to the hearing. These will be submitted 10 days prior to the hearing. It is not currently possible for a hearing to be held outside the U.S., but U.S. territories can have hearings. For those who are living outside the U.S. and want a hearing, the person can inform the ALJ that he or she does not want to appear. It is up to the ALJ whether to decide the case based on the record and evidence or not. The person might need to travel to the U.S. and pay for it to have an in-person hearing. It is also possible to have a representative appear on the person’s behalf.

The word “hearing” can be intimidating to some if they do not understand that it is a necessary part of the process. To have information about this and any other matter related to Social Security disability, it is important to remember that legal help is a must. A law firm that is experienced in all matters related to SSD benefits from the federal requirements to what happens at an ALJ hearing and how to appeal a denied claim is essential.

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