A basic understanding of Social Security disability eligiblity

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If you can’t work because of an injury or a medical condition, what is going to happen to your family? How will you pay your bills, make ends meet and provide for your Missouri family? These are all important concerns that you may have while you are unable to return to your job. For some people with limitations expected to last permanently or at least 12 months, it may be possible seek Social Security disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration offers benefits to certain individuals who have qualifying medical conditions. Even if you have a serious sickness or grave injury, it does not necessarily mean that you will qualify. There are strict eligibility requirements, and you will find it beneficial to learn more about what these are before you move forward with your claim.

Who qualifies?

While many people struggle with serious medical conditions, only a few are actually eligible for financial support from the SSA. The SSA takes a close look at various types of documentation and areas of your life in order to determine if you have a true disability. 

In order for a person to qualify for these types of benefits, he or she must have a valid illness or injury, physical or mental, that will likely last for at least one year or for the rest of the applicant’s life. There must be evidence that the disability keeps the applicant from continuing with his or her work or finding employment in a different type of job.

How to validate your claim

The SSA will carefully examine some of the things you included in your claim. Medical documentation, such as records from your doctor, records from hospital stays and test results, are important. It can also help to include letters and other types of evidence that prove how your condition has impacted your ability to continue to work. 

Who can help with your claim?

Applying for disability benefits can be an overwhelming process. You may be unsure of where to start or how you can take steps to increase your chance of success. One thing that may be helpful for you is to seek a complete evaluation of your case in order to learn more about what to expect from the process and how to move forward.

Applicants seeking disability benefits have the right to seek legal help from an experienced legal ally. You do not have to take one step of the application process alone.

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