Is your employer refusing to help with a workers’ comp claim?

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As in other states, Missouri law requires that most employers purchase workers’ compensation insurance if they have multiple employees. If you have experienced an injury on the job, your employer’s workers’ comp policy may entitle you to payment for medical bills as well as a portion of lost earnings during your recovery.

Unfortunately, if your employer refuses to help you file a claim, you and your family may lose out on important benefits.

When must an employer report an injury?

Generally, your employer must report an injury to the insurance provider if an incident requires medical care (other than immediate first aid) and forces you to take at least some time off work. He or she should do so promptly after you inform them of your injury to ensure you receive appropriate medical coverage.

Why would an employer refuse to report an incident?

The most common reasons that employers delay or refuse to file WC claims include:

  • Failure to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for employees
  • Concern about paying higher insurance premiums after a reported injury

Your employer may also try to discourage you from filing a claim by insisting that you are an independent contractor rather than a company employee.

What are your options when facing employer opposition?

If your employer is refusing to help you file a legitimate injury claim, he or she may be breaking the law as well as denying you important financial assistance the law entitles you to. If you suspect your employer is acting illegally, you may want to contact the Missouri Department of Labor and consider consulting an employment attorney.

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