How do I file an appeal after my SSD claim was denied?

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If you apply for Social Security disability and receive a denial, you have the right to appeal your claim. However, you must meet the deadlines and requirements of the Social Security Administration to remain eligible for appeal.

Review the process of pursuing an SSD appeal if you or a loved one faces this situation.

Starting your appeal

The SSA allows you to appeal an SSD denial online. The process begins with the first level of appeal, reconsideration. In this phase, you can ask for an appeal for medical or non-medical reasons. Your application will receive a review from someone who did not review it initially. You can also submit new evidence to support your appeal.

Pursuing further appeal

If you receive another denial, you can request a judicial hearing. An administrative law judge who was not involved in the initial denial will look at your case. The hearing may take place online or at an in-person location in your area. After you request a hearing, you will receive more information in the mail.

If you remain unsatisfied after the judge’s decision, you can ask for an Appeals Council review. The Council will refer your request to another administrative judge if it finds that the earlier reviews did not follow SSA regulations.

You can have an attorney represent you during SSA appeal hearings as well as work with the SSA on your behalf to resolve your case. You have the right to file a federal lawsuit if you believe the SSA did not handle your case or the appeals process appropriately.

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