When your employer refuses to help with your workers’ comp claim

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Your employer has an obligation to provide a safe workplace and respond appropriately to injuries that occur on the job. Unfortunately, you can not always rely on your employer to follow the law when you get hurt at work.

Sometimes, an employer refuses to cooperate with the injured employee or insurance company. This is why you must be aware of your rights and options.

What should your employer do?

If you get hurt at work, your employer must:

  • Allow you to leave work to seek medical care
  • Report the injury to the insurance company
  • Provide requested documents to the insurance company

Your employer’s cooperation helps you receive workers’ compensation benefits in a timely manner.

What if your employer will not help you?

In Missouri, if your employer is not cooperating, you have three options.

Dispute management

The Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation offers mediation through its Dispute Management Unit. If your employer agrees, you can work toward a resolution with the help of a neutral mediator.

Conference before a judge

If mediation is unsuccessful or you do not wish to attempt it, you can request a conference with your employer’s lawyer to settle the case before a judge. With the consent of both parties, the judge may recommend a fair settlement amount.

Claim for Compensation

You can download the Claim for Compensation form from the Missouri Department of Labor website. After filing the Claim for Compensation, you can still agree to mediation before a judge to avoid a hearing.

Your employer’s refusal to cooperate can delay the process of receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Fortunately, there are options available to help you pursue your claim.

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